K9 Nose Work

Is K9 Nose Work® Right For My Dog?

  • Are you looking for something to keep your dog entertained?
    Maybe on a cold, wet or stinking hot afternoon? Or when your dog could do with a long walk or play, but your time is limited. Something you can do indoors or outdoors, and uses very little equipment?
  • Does your dog like to sniff?
    Have you considered K9 Nose Work®?  K9 Nose Work® is the FUN new search and scenting activity suitable for nearly ALL dogs and their people. It is easy to learn, and helps build confidence and focus in many dogs.   It is a safe way to keep dogs mentally and physically fit, no matter their ability.  It is ideal for shy or reactive dogs, because only one dog works at a time, while any other dogs are kept out of the working area.
  • Many benefits!
    Some of the many benefits of K9 Nose Work® include:
  • Dogs easily burn lots of mental and physical energy during searches
  • Searches can be done anywhere you can take your dog
  • No prior training is required and no obedience training is required
  • Does not demand high physical effort from the handler
  • In classes, dogs work individually and rest crated or safely in a vehicle between searches, so reactive dogs can enjoy the activity too
  • Ideal for blind, deaf or physically challenged dogs
  • Shy or fearful dogs build confidence and overactive dogs put their energy into fun searches
  • Stronger bond between dogs and handlers as handlers learn to observe, understand and rely upon their dogs
  • No experience necessary! No obedience training required either! 
    K9 Nose Work® began in Southern California in 2006 when professional, detector dog handlers Ron Gaunt, Amy Herot, and Jill-Marie O'Brien founded and developed the activity and sport to bring fun scent work to the greatest number of dogs and their people.

    K9 Nose Work® blends the foundational skills used in K9 detection with a unique teaching style that promotes individuality and relationship building between dogs and their people, providing a lifetime of rewarding experiences.

    K9 Nose Work® classes, workshops, seminars and competitions are now enjoyed all over the world, making a difference to the lives of thousands of dogs and their people

    Dogs start in K9 Nose Work® by searching for their favourite food or toy reward hidden in a variety of environments, increasing the challenges and adding new search skills as the dog progresses. People may then choose to have their dogs learn to search for and find a specific target odour or odours. Those looking to keep it fun searching for food or a toy can still have fun and progress in the activity.

    K9 Nose Work® introduces dogs to four different search elements: container, interior, exterior, and vehicle. Dogs build their desire to hunt and learn foundational search skills in all four elements. Later stages of K9 Nose Work® introduce advanced detection and handling skills to teams.

    K9 Nose Work® is an activity that uses real-world environments and can be done almost anywhere. By participating in K9 Nose Work® with your dog, you're giving them the freedom to express and refine their natural talents, and they're giving you a glimpse into how they "see" the world.

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