Super Sniffing Sniff-tober - What’s Nearby?

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The Sniff

Lockdowns/roadmaps/numbers/distancing/curfews - these words might make you think that you’ll never get out again to play the sniffing game with your dog.  It’s time to pivot!   There might be great sniff spots close to your home that you’ve not yet found.  You just have to go out and look.  

For the armchair traveller, to get you started:   Use one of the radius calculating maps available, such as Km From Home or Map Developers setting your map to 1 km,  Check out possible places in your area that might be suitable.  For example, looking at my local map, I have shops, schools, railway stations and Skyrail, churches, parks, car parks, factories, car yards, neighbours   All could be suitable for some sniffing.   If 1 km brings up nothing, expand it to 2 km, or even further if needed.

Then, put your walking shoes on and take your dog for yet another walk😉, and investigate some of the possibilities.   Only choose legal, safe searches, of course.

When you’ve found somewhere suitable, put your dog away, set up your searches, and go…………    

The search is dependent on what you chose:   there may be excavations happening nearby with trucks, and backhoes available to search - with permission, of course;  or you might find a car park to place your car for a vehicle search (just do be careful of neighbouring cars);  or your local train station environs might offer a range of suitable sniff spots; or, like me, you might have a vacant car yard for lots of great exterior searches;   a vacant parking area might work for a container search;  or how about asking your neighbour to use their lounge room for an interior search.   The possibilities are endless. 

Newbies:  Find a quiet spot with minimal distractions, and have FUN.

Just remember, keep safety first and foremost, and don’t do anything illegal!

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