Super Sniffing Sniff-tober - It’s Party Time!

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The Sniff

It is my party, so dress up is required.   Ladies:  your best party frock, highest heels, makeup, and whatever other props you need for a party - handbag, party hat, sparklers, blowouts or other noisemakers.   Gents:  your best snazzy outfit, shiny shoes, and whatever other props you might need for a party.

Or, maybe you prefer other themed dress ups?  Okay, let’s see your hula skirts, R2D2 costumes, Santa suits, and so on.   Hey!   It’s a party, make the most of it.  

We all know about distractors:   other people, other animals, even poor handler skills.   How about what you wear?    Most of us wear sensible clothing when searching.  You know what I mean, lots of pockets, sensible shoes, treat pouch, etc. 

This time we are going to dress differently, to see if it makes any difference to the way our dog searches.   

The search?   It’s my party, and it is Spring, so I do think you need to be outdoors, just to add a little difficulty.  (High heels on the lawn anyone?).  

You choose the element:   containers, vehicles, or just an exterior search.

Newbies:  No problem doing this with your food and boxes, indoors, or somewhere outside with few distractions.  Except you do need to dress up!

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